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Classic3 and Classic4 DataSets

By Volkan TUNALI, September 10, 2010 4:53 am

One well known benchmark dataset used in text mining is the Classic collection that can be obtained from This dataset consists of 4 different document collections: CACM, CISI, CRAN, and MED. These collections can be downloaded as one file per collection. In order to get the individual documents, a processing is needed to extract the title and document body. I have separated all these documents as individual documents and made available for public download. You can freely download the whole collection (1.5MB RAR file).

The composition of the collection is as follows:

  • CACM: 3204 documents
  • CISI: 1460 documents
  • CRAN: 1398 documents
  • MED: 1033 documents

This dataset is usually referred to as Classic3 dataset (CISI, CRAN and MED only), and sometimes referred to as Classic4 dataset.

As a further step, I have preprocessed the whole dataset and obtained the document-term matrix in various forms. You can download the matrices and related files here (7.4MB RAR file). The list of the files are explained below:

  • docbyterm.mat: Term frequencies only (in Cluto’s MAT file format)
  • docbyterm.tfidf.mat: Weighted with TFIDF scheme (in Cluto’s MAT file format)
  • docbyterm.tfidf.norm.mat: Weighted with TFIDF scheme and normalized to 1 (in Cluto’s MAT file format)
  • docbyterm.txt: Term frequencies only (in Coordinate file format)
  • docbyterm.tfidf.txt: Weighted with TFIDF scheme (in Coordinate file format)
  • docbyterm.tfidf.norm.txt: Weighted with TFIDF scheme and normalized to 1 (in Coordinate file format)
  • documents.txt: List of the document names as they appear in the data matrix
  • terms.txt: List of terms that appear in the data matrix
  • terms_detailed.txt: A detailed list of terms (ie. term id, term, # of documents the term appears)

As you see, preprocessing results are in two simple and well-known text file formats: Coordinate file and Cluto’s MAT file. In addition, term frequency, TFIDF, and normalized TFIDF weighting schemes are available. Terms are single words; that is, there are no n-grams. Minimum term length is 3. A term appears at least in 3 documents, and a term can appear at most 95% of the documents. Moreover, Porter’s stemming is applied while preprocessing.

If you find these documents and data matrix files useful, please let me know with your comments. Any questions or criticism is also welcome.

Links to Several Datasets

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By Volkan TUNALI, August 2, 2010 7:18 pm

Here you can find several datasets for use in data mining research. I’ll add more datasets as I encounter any. If you find any link broken, please let me know.

Text Datasets

Frequent Itemset Mining Datasets

UC Irvine Machine Learning Repository

Twitter Datasets

By Volkan TUNALI, June 22, 2010 11:14 pm

Twitter data gathered through the Twitter’s streaming API was published at (about 5.5 GB) in February and April. Second release was a bit of cleaning the first one.

On June 14, Twitter event detection corpus was also released at the same address.

Actually I have no idea how those datasets can be made use of for clustering experiments. Worth having a look at, though. Especially, it may be used in large scale data mining research, as the authors say.

UPDATE April 12, 2011: I’m sorry to see that Twitter dataset is no longer available due to the request of Twitter. I hope an up-to-date Twitter dataset will be available soon.

I am unable to provide download links for this dataset. Please do not make requests for this dataset. I’m sorry.

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